We are currently in the midst of unprecedented and uncertain times, the wedding industry has been greatly affected. If you were due to marry in 2020, the chances of that happening is now slim to none. The team here at Tee & Ing Bridal have compiled a list of tips for planning your wedding during COVID-19.


Be Conscientious

During times of uncertainty, it is best to stay on top of all your affairs regarding your wedding. Keep in touch with all your booked services, communication is key during this time. If you move your wedding date to 2021, keep in mind you will be competing with every couple that planned to get married in 2021 prior to this pandemic. Act now!


Wedding Services

If you’ve already booked your venue, photographer, musicians, caterer, event stylist and the like, should your wedding not proceed in 2020, these services are highly compassionate and empathetic during these times.

Reach out to them and re-book a new date as many services are offering to hold your deposit/funds for up to 12 months or more from your original booking date.

*Important: Before locking in your new date, remember to check with all your services that they are also available on that day!



The one good thing that has eventuated from this situation is that you get more time to save money towards your wedding. This could be the difference between the quality of your services or perhaps you could extend your honeymoon or fly somewhere entirely different than originally planned with the extra funds.


Wedding Attire

A large part of the bridal wear and suit tailors have adjusted their business models to accommodate for purchasing online or they’re offering online video appointments. If you have any questions regarding their products or wish to see the products via video call then take advantage of this service. Tee & Ing Bridal currently offer online virtual appointments.


Seek Clarity & Productivity

Use this block of time to think over your initial wedding plans again, could you improve certain aspects? Perhaps a shift of themes? Look over and fine tune the finer details.

Work on your wedding speeches and rehearse them diligently so you can nail it effortlessly on the big day.

Rehearse your first dance with your partner, there are a plethora of resources out there online for you to learn from.


Don’t Stress!

Stay positive during these trying times and try to see the bright side to this whole ordeal as there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through chaos, there are always opportunities on the horizon.

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