How do I choose the perfect wedding dress? A question that is in the back of every bride-to-be's mind. Through our first hand experience in dealing with many bride-to-be, we've compiled a list of important and essential aspects to consider when choosing your wedding gown.

1 - Budget

Determine your budget for the wedding dress. Consider whether you are willing to stray from the budget or if you are firm, this will make your decision making easier if you were to find a dress that stretches the budget.

2 - Style of dress

Determine which style of dress or look that you're going for, is it a show stopping ball gown (Navi Gown)? A sleek and elegant mermaid dress (Milan Gown)? Perhaps an ever so chic dress with sleeves (Santorini Gown)? The style and colour of the dress matters as they should suit your personal style like a hand in glove.


Ivory, White or Champagne? Conventional wisdom tells us all wedding dresses should be pure white right? Wrong, dealing first hand with many bride-to-be we have come to disregard that entire notion. The right colour, is the right colour for you! The number one important point when it comes to choosing the right colour is to ensure that the dress compliments your skin tone.

3 - Be open minded

Don't be afraid to try on different types of dresses, even if you believe you may not suit that particular dress style. Often times we've had brides come in and think they suit a certain dress style but when they try it on, it doesn't flatter them or they feel underwhelmed with it. We recommend keeping an open mind as a different dress style could suit you more and grow on you. 

4 - Initial instincts

Our final point is that you should keep it simple and put a heavy emphasis on your initial instincts. What we mean by this is that the first dress that you try on that gives you that 'this is the one' feeling, keep that at the forefront of your mind as often times this is the dress that bride-to-be revert back to and eventually purchase.

Having too many options is a gift and curse, it is great to try on a wide range of dresses but it is a disaster when it's crunch time. Analysis paralysis runs rampant when making the final decision, stick to your gut and keep it simple!

That wraps up our brief list of things to look out for when considering your dream wedding dress. When in doubt, book an appointment at our Brisbane studio and we'll be more than happy to assist you in finding your dream wedding dress.

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